www.lowepro.comWhoever starts looking at the excellent Lowepro Slingshot bags would sooner or later end-up with a tough decision: choosing in between one of the three existing models of the Slingshot: 100, 200 or 300. Well, actually most of you would not really consider the 300 model since it’s quite big. Also the dilemma quickly becomes something like: Would I have enough space to fit my camera + lenses and even the flash in the Slingshot 100? Or shall I go straight for the Slingshot 200… but then.. wouldn’t it be too big in my back? Well if you read this you probably get the point since you are exactly facing this kind of dilemma.

When I was myself considering buying this bag I found many excellent reviews with lots of pictures, even videos, of either the Slingshot 100 OR the Slingshot 200 but what I was looking for was a direct comparison of the two models. I was not able to find any review showing me the exact differences in between the two bags. Not a single image of the two Slingshots side by side illustrating how much bigger is the 200 compared to the 100.