www.lowepro.comWhoever starts looking at the excellent Lowepro Slingshot bags would sooner or later end-up with a tough decision: choosing in between one of the three existing models of the Slingshot: 100, 200 or 300. Well, actually most of you would not really consider the 300 model since it’s quite big. Also the dilemma quickly becomes something like: Would I have enough space to fit my camera + lenses and even the flash in the Slingshot 100? Or shall I go straight for the Slingshot 200… but then.. wouldn’t it be too big in my back? Well if you read this you probably get the point since you are exactly facing this kind of dilemma.

When I was myself considering buying this bag I found many excellent reviews with lots of pictures, even videos, of either the Slingshot 100 OR the Slingshot 200 but what I was looking for was a direct comparison of the two models. I was not able to find any review showing me the exact differences in between the two bags. Not a single image of the two Slingshots side by side illustrating how much bigger is the 200 compared to the 100.

I recently had the opportunity to have the two bags in my hands so I decided to fill the gap with this post. My goal here is not to describe one bag or the other since, as I said, you will find tons already existing. My goal is simply to show you both bags really side by side and help you to get a better idea of the size difference.

In the following pictures the Slingshot 200 AW is always on the left.

1. Front View

2. Front View + Perspective

3. Rear View

4. Rear View + Perspective

5. Opened View

6. Opened View + Perspective

Now if you are interested by my own experience: I went for the Slingshot 100 AW.

I already owned a Mini Trekker AW that can contain ALL my gear also I was searching for a rather small and light bag but still big enough to carry the basic gear I could need for a day (with a reduced amount of lenses).

So far I must confess I was happy with the size of my Slingshot 100 since it holds the following gear:

  • Nikon D300 + 18-70mm lens attached
  • Nikkor 50mm f1.4
  • Tamron 70-210mm
  • SB-800 with the diffuser attached
  • A plastic box for a filter
  • A box of Moo cards
  • A set of 4 CF cards
  • One spare battery for the camera
  • Some lens cleaning tissues
  • Wallet, cell phone & sun glasses

Yes I think that’s it and that’s all I want. The Slingshot 200 is also great but in my case it would just be redundant with my Mini Trekker AW which makes no sense for me.

I love that Slingshot bag, its ability to give me a quick access to my camera is unique.

That’s it. Hope it helped. Comments are welcome!